Starworm (3), new works by Ben Quinn
August 4th- September 1st
(Opening Reception, Saturday May 4th from 7-10pm)

Starworm (3) represents an empathetic gesture of grasping at the unknown. The work takes a pictorial departure from Quinn’s previous practice stepping into the painterly through the optically symbolic and the poetically repetitive as a way to induce change through mutation.


In the paintings there are steps of grayscale, earth tone, and ROYGBIV purposefully chosen to create different temporal vibrations as they hold fictional past, present and future time. Earth tones are mixed and painted from different mental samples of parts of the planet: subdued greens, clay, sand and water. The grayscale demonstrates the beginning of a primordial nothingness and a rainbow spectrum appears more optimistic for the spirit in absence of a body. Painted with watercolor pigment, the fluidity and gravity of the medium plunges downward as the form of the star molts and twists.


The paintings themselves are situated within a lighting installation that acts both as a framing mechanism and a boundary. Hand-painted lightbulbs project and enhance the color of the paintings, creating individual realms and, consequently, a sense of interconnectedness. All three are one together. There is no beginning or end, but the possibility of tuning in at different points.

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Ben Quinn (b.1991) is an artist living and working in Oakland, CA. He received his BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design and an MFA from California College of the Arts. Recent solo exhibitions include Fused Space in San Francisco, Littman Gallery at Portland State University, and Massman Gallery in Oakland with group shows at Spaceheater in Brooklyn, Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco, and Pt. 2 in Oakland. Quinn’s work deals mostly with post-psychedelic reflection and sensitivities to the supernatural through painting, sometimes accompanied by image and sound.